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Huanyu Lin
Huanyu Lin
Huanyu Lin
Lead Analyst, Home Appliance & Retail

Huanyu holds a Masters of Investment Management from University of Reading, ICMA Centre, in the United Kingdom. In the 2020 All-China Institutional Investor research poll, Huanyu’s team was ranked #2 Best Analyst Team in two categories (mainland): Textiles & Retail and Home Appliance.

Key Research Names
Stock Code Name USD MC ($M) 180D $ADV ($M)
000333 CH Equity MIDEA GROUP CO LTDA 104,815 $ 367,607,011
600690 CH Equity HAIER SMART HOME CO LTDA 43,837 $ 219,922,755
000651 CH Equity GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES I-A 54,513 $ 439,176,039
000000 XX Lorem LOREM IPSUM 00,000 $ 000,000
000000 XX Lorem DOLOR SIT 000,000 $ 000,000,000
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