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Unified Platform For Institutional Clients


We have strengthened the integration between our A-share and H-share research businesses by building a unified platform for institutional clients and establishing and improving our cross-border research service system, which meets the professional research and consulting needs of domestic and overseas clients.

Scale Advantage

Huatai Securities research scale is unparalleled in the industry; our institutional research services system and product delivery cover and meet the needs of a wide variety of institutional investors.

Talent Advantage

Huatai Securities will gather many outstanding analysts and industry leaders to enhance the research process within our comprehensive business chain.

Resource Advantage

Huatai Securities boasts a huge customer base, leading Internet platform and a comprehensive business model and all-round service of institutional customers. Huatai Securities is also able to efficiently allocate and utilize resources from across the board, including institutional sales, investment banking and Huatai Securities’ other businesses.

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