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About Us

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About Us

Located in New York City, we provide our clients with investment banking and institutional securities services.

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As China’s vast middle class continues to grow rapidly, and China’s financial markets continue its path of liberalization and further integration into the global financial system, Huatai Securities (USA) is proud to be a responsible global corporate citizen that can help companies and investors from different parts of the world better understand each other.

Get To Know Our History

Our parent company, Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. is a leading technology-driven securities group headquartered in Nanjing, China.

Founded in 1991, Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. has grasped the opportunities offered by China’s capital market reform and opening-up, leading the way in transforming China’s securities industry via financial technologies. Considered to be a titan in the industry, Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. has long provided comprehensive, fully integrated, professional and diversified “client-centric” securities services for individuals and institutional clients.

Today, both Huatai Securities (USA), Inc., and Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. continue their journey into a new chapter of global expansion and internationalization.

Strategic Vision

Striving to become a first-class investment bank with Chinese expertise, and a financial institution with international competitiveness, brand influence, and system importance.

Values and Operation Philosophy:

By adhering to the core values of “high efficiency, integrity, stability and innovation” and committing to the operation philosophy of “centered on customer services, oriented by customers’ needs and purposed on customer satisfaction”, to be accountable to all clients, shareholders, staff and society to achieve harmony and unity.

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Our Parent & Affiliates

Under the Huatai banner, we closely collaborate with our affiliated entities to complement our knowledge, expertise, and offerings to support our clients.

Huatai United Securities

Registered in Shenzhen, Huatai United Securities brings domestic advantages and global vision to full-service investment banking including industry-leading equity underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, and bonds underwriting.

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Huatai International

Operating from Hong Kong, Huatai International provides offshore capital market services coupled with cross-border capital services that offer a successful, fully integrated international platform for innovative solutions.

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Huatai Securities Asset Management

Comprehensive asset management platform which builds and provides various financial products to manage client assets and meet their investment and financing needs. This includes asset management of securities companies, private equity fund management, and asset management of fund and futures companies.

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Huatai Futures

Huatai Futures is one of the first Futures Commission Merchants (“FCM”) in China. Huatai Futures has major business scoped in commodity and financial futures brokerage, futures investment consultancy, asset management, and investment funds.

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Huatai Securities

Huatai Securities Co., Ltd., operates as an integrated securities leader in China achieving rapid growth and successful capitalization while offering transformative opportunities in the Chinese capital securities market.

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