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Economics — New Consumption Patterns in China – A Top-Down Approach

1. Consumption increasingly divergent After the pandemic, total consumer goods retail sales slowed, the household [...]

China’s Common Prosperity – An Economist’s View

2021 appears to mark a major inflection point in investor views towards China as it embarks on a so-called movement[...]


Huatai Securities continues to make impressive progress on ESG, having recently been upgraded to A on ESG performan[...]

Why Inflation is Rising in China, and in the US

Huatai Securities’ Take on Rising Inflation in China and in the US.

More US China Financial Cooperation Expected by Industry Insiders

The United States and China have cooperation potential in the financial sector given China's further opening-up, bi[...]

Bloomberg-Huatai China Webinar

Bloomberg Intelligence Webinar: China Economic Risk Update & Understanding China’s Semiconductor Expansion Strategy

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